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tech predictions for 2008

A few tech predictions for 2008..

1. Either Apple or Microsoft will start selling 24-bit lossless tracks in their respective music stores. This
 also means releasing a portable media player with a 24-bit DAC. Let's hope they go for a fully 24-bit format
 (not a hybrid where the 16-bit core it upsampled), and that they use a decent 24-bit DAC. Who needs the big
 labels? Just get a dozen smaller labels and people will flock to the tracks *and* the devices.

2. Another company (besides Sun) will release one of their major hardware intellectual properties as open
 source. I suspect the company in question will do this to disrupt a market they are wanting to enter (or

3. One of the video game consoles will fully emulate one of the other consoles' previous generation. This means
 playing the original PS1 games on your Wii, or PS2 games on your Xbox 360.

4. All this jibba-jabba about a single "unified" video game console to be will be brought to light as a weird
 circle-jerk relationship between EA, Intel, and Microsoft. It will be found to be a "real" project, only
 dependent upon everyone continuing to stroke eachother until the next console generation is necessary. (This
 may relate to prediction #2.)


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