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using Visual Studio 2003 SP1 with the XDK

I am familiar enough with VS2003 to know that SP1 is a necessity. Unfortunately, the XDK will only install on a naked VS2003. Here's how I worked around it.

The short of any high-level install reversing is to use ProcMon . Filter out all the processes you don't care about (iTunes crap, rpcss.exe, etc). Run the setup, see what file access it fails on right before the error message appears. Twiddle that file however it needs to be in the context of the error and continue.

In the case of the XDK (XBox Development Kit), it checks a number of DLLs in the Common7/IDE to see if they are a specific version. That is, the version that shipped with VS2003 RTM. One of those files is MSENV.DLL -- copy that (and the other files) away into some other directory, install SP1, copy them back, and then install the XDK.

That's it!

Before focusing on using the cl.exe from VC++ 9.0 (2008), I've decided to first focus on getting all these XBox emulators to use decent compiler optimizations in VC++ 7.1 (2003) in the first place. Most of them are not very good at all, I've gotten quite a bit more performance out of MAMEoX just by tweaking some of the simpler optimization settings!


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