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recent drops in DishHD audio and video quality

Some weird artifacts, robot voices...

I'm not sure exactly when it started, but DishHD's audio quality has dropped recently. I first noticed when watching In Treatment on HBO (which I really liked). The main character's voice is in a lower register that would sometimes sound like a robot in a tunnel. I noticed a similar effect when watching Dan Rather Reports on HDnet during an interview. Later, I noticed that Good Eats had similar weird artifacts in the center channel. Listening more closely, it sounds like the center channel is being waaayyyy overly compressed, but the left and right channels significantly less so.

There's also some extra noise going on in the video on some HD channels, like a pre-transcoding filter. I might be able to articulate it when I get my new TV .

Dear Dish Network, please fix. Falling quality is one of the reasons (unscrupulous billing practices being the other)I left DirecTV in the first place and recommended all my friends and family avoid it.


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