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heads up for potential XBox 360 buyers

A friend of mine just returned his XBox360 and got a PS3 instead. Why?

He had three XBox games he really liked: Evil Dead: Regeneration , Mercenaries , and Conker's Bad Fur Day . All three are supported by the XBox 360's backward compatibility. All three crashed or hung on him during gameplay. This, along with the hardware issues that the 360 is now known for, helped him decide to ditch further irritation and take back the 360. He bought a PS3 instead, since 2 of his favorite XBox games were available on the PS2. He was able to pick up those PS2 games (and a few others) for $3.

He didn't have any issues with the games using the PS3's backward compatibility. He would've picked up a Wii, had more of the games in question been playable via the Gamecube backward compatibility.

He also complained about animation issues in Panzer Dragoon, hangs in Breakdown, and the fact that he couldn't seem to do multiplayer in Crash Nitro Kart. He said not being able to play them again was better than the maddening frustration of wanting to enjoy the games again and having the console "piss all over [him]". One thing that helped his decision was that Metal Gear Solid 2 is emulated on the PS3, but not on the XBox 360 at all -- he didn't care as much about playing the new ones, but now its nice icing on the cake.

Of course, these are all known issues, apparently .

Listening, Microsoft?

Hopefully the next emulation update focuses on stability and the top-requested games. I suspect the other Prince of Persia games will be coming to tie in with the upcoming movie, at least. A sampling of the latest from blog comments and message board requests:

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