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gotchas with ubuntu hardy release candidate

A couple of disappointing aspects of Hardy that do not appear to be getting fixed before release.

Given the unnoticeable improvements (to me) over KUbuntu Gutsy, I may downgrade and just wait for the next upgrade cycle. I was sincerely hoping that by diving in months in advance of the release and dealing with the difficulties that it would result in a release that better met my needs. I'm say to say that doesn't appear to be the case, and now I guess I'll pay another $250 to try and get something decent out of the next release by going through the more official support channels.

The IRC channels are starting to be more like #debian, which is very offputting. Canonical should really talk to these guys who emit these unfriendly attitudes. I'm not at fault for having issues, regardless of my hardware, and I'm not an idiot for taking the time to report them and taking time to try and provide debugging information in the spirit of helping make a better product.

Actually, maybe I am. Maybe that's the problem?



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