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attempts to rip/watch bluray movies in ubuntu hardy

I hit a dead end trying to watch BluRay discs under hardy, but here's some links and the issues I had.

When Geoff was putting together his new computer, I went to buy a DVD drive and saw that Fry's had a great deal on a combo DVD/HD-DVD/BluRay burner. I got it, and Geoff got a 3-pack of dual-layer BD-R disks, at 50GB apiece.

Last week I started researching BluRay playback under Linux. It looked feasible through a rip, decrypt, and play process. Yesterday I went and bought 3 BluRay movies to try: Blade Runner 5-disc collector's edition, Gone Baby Gone, and Pan's Labyrinth.

The first page I found was on the Ubuntu Wiki . I downloaded the tools from there, but the UDF filesystem driver it mentions didn't have a binary for the Hardy kernel. Some nice person packaged up the patched UDF driver for easy compilation here . I got that compiled and installed, and was able to mount the BluRay discs.

To compile aacskeys, I had to install the ssl-dev and sun-jdk6-sdk packages. I also had to fix a bug in their code that caused a link error by changing the second parameter of calculate_title_key_file_mac to be a size_t instead of an int. (That link error likely only comes up on 64-bit machines.)

Once I got aacskeys compiled, I could never get it to actually work. It always pegged the CPU at 100% and never did anything beyond the first bit of console output. It can read the discs just fine, but it never breaks out of this loop in aacskeys.cpp:

while ((mask_m | mask_right) != (signed long)0xFFFFFFFF)

I thought it might be a compiler optimization bug, but -O0 didn't change behaviour.

Not all was lost, because DumpHD has a static database file of AACS keys that can be used. Unfortunately, it looks like they are all HD-DVD keys :(

Without a way to let DumpHD know about the keys for a given disc, I'm stuck. If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, please let me know. I'll post any further progress here.


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