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Short Experience Report on Google Apps For Your Domain (GAYFD)

We've converted all @yak.net @techwood.org and @milliways.org mail reception by the YAK to now be done by Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD).

This means now Google is capturing and flagging all that spam, not the Yak. This doesn't affect PsiU, but I'm letting you all know this was successful and a big relief to me (especially if, say, the Yak goes down while I'm in Thailand).

This did require tracking down everyone to *receives* mail at the Yak, which is several dozen, so they could make Google Apps accounts. They can read with gmail web interface, or set forwarding, or use POP3/IMAP to get their mail. In a couple of cases, we defined single-user mail lists for a user who didn't get an account made in time.

Oh, and we folded all three of those domains into one GAYFD account for yak.net, with techwood.org & milliways.org as "domain aliases", from the point of view of GAYFD. (the DNS of them is still separate).


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