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Fixing the default Windows Shell (cmd.exe) with Console and Cygwin

I get really frustrated with the default Windows command line shell '''(cmd.exe)'''.

I have two major problems with it. First, I can't resize the window, or manipulate it in nice and reasonable manner. Second, I'm used to linux and mac shells based off of bash and I hate having to switch between a dos like shell.

So to solve this solution I use Console and Cygwin. Console is a better shell window and Cygwin gives a unix-like environment for Windows.

Console: http://sourceforge.net/projects/console
Cygwin: http://www.cygwin.com/

Here's how I got them to work together

You should see Cygwin running within Console. The window is resizable in the way you expect it to be; just hover your mouse over the lower right hand corner and resize to your content. You can even create new tabs and press ctrl+tab to cycle through your Cygwin tabs.

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