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Programming Language Cheatsheets (Yak, Haskell, Etc)

Twerp/LTwerp by Yak People

Twerp, LTwerp

Rictic's twerp in Haskell

Other lang projects by Strick (all unfinished)

Unithorpe ; Trithorpe ; Oglethorpe

Parenthetcl (compiled extension language for Tcl)

Cinnabar (translate smalltalk to C++)

Terp (tcl-like lang in java) ; Ganja (jvm-like vm in C)






A Tour of the Haskell Prelude

Tour of the Haskell Syntax

A tour of the Haskell Monad functions

Haskell 98 Revised Report (Dec 2002)

Applications and libraries/Compilers and interpreters

"bird.hs" <- strick's monadic homework



cola — combined lambda/object architecture

sandpile.org : The world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information.

Lectures, including lambda calculus

Denotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development; David Schmidt, Kansas State University

A couple of other nice things By Kevin Millikin at Thu, 2004-06-24 20:35

An Executable Denotational Semantics for Scheme

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