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Banjo Chord F#m7dim6add9

A chord that may prove impossible, but as google returned no results for it, I'm claiming it as my own.


This chord is designed for use on a 5 string banjo only. Guitarists take note.

The banjo must be tuned to

This chord is an F minor 7th chord diminished by 6 tones, with an added 9th tone added. The result should be something along the lines of an over extended F# with:

  • The high 'D' string being depressed on the 8th fret.
  • The 'B' string depressed on the 2nd fret.
  • The low 'G' string depressed on the 3rd fret.
  • The low 'D' string depressed on the 5th fret.
  • The high 'G' (short) string depressed at the 6th fret.


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