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Installing Smilax (ryan-2011-01-01)

1. mv the opt_smilax directory to /opt/smilax

2. Edit jail/data/bind.txt

3. chown -R 1000.1000 jail/data (for the uid and gid in bind.txt)

4. ( cd jail/data ; cp -r b.^local+proto b.^local+mywiki ; vi b.^local+mywiki/t.1 )

Change the admin and the shard passwords. Set VolumeName:1

If you want the public to be able to read the wiki, change "__Weak:*:* 0*gold" to "__Weak:*:* 10*gold"

4.5. Edit b.^local+conf/t.0 and include the following lines:

+1 Owner:mydomain.org ^local
+1 Serve:mydomain.org ^local
+1 Web:mydomain.org/ +mywiki

Change the uberpassword in the final line " __Weak:*:uberpassword 96*gold+96*mixin+96*chunk" to something very secret. This is the master password over all wikis on this server.

TODO: Make sure we don't need the "Bind" ... records.

4.6. To be secure in using SSL/TLS/HTTPS, make your own .pem files.

5. Try running "sudo /opt/smilax/bin/smilax-one" --- You will need 32-bit compatability library (apt-get install ia32-libs), or recompile the simple C program in the box below in 64-bit mode, and substitute it.

Try it with http://hostname:portnum/@mydomain.org/

6. To run it automatically at boot time, put this in /etc/rc.local:

/* smilax-one.c -- chroot to the isolation directory and exec /etc/smilax-two.tcl */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main( int argc, char *argv[] ) {

        int e = chroot( "/opt/smilax" );
        if ( e ) {
                perror( "chroot /opt/smilax" );
                return 13;

        e = chdir( "/" );
        if ( e ) {
                perror( "(/opt/smilax) chdir /" );
                return 13;

        e = execl( "/bin/smilax-tclsh", "/bin/smilax-tclsh", "/etc/smilax-two.tcl", NULL );
        perror( "(/opt/smilax) exec /bin/smilax-tcl" );
        return 13;

How to Create a Volume

  1. Create a page to be the Volume Page
  2. Use edittable to give the Volume a name
  3. Edit the volume page and save it again.
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