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Provisional: pocket usb keyboard emulator, now with crypto!

A usb keyboard emulator (perhaps in a usb stick) that talks securely (SSL w/ certs?) with/via the computer over "typing" and (in reverse) keyboard "lights" and other possible side channels.

Works without admin priv on public computers. PGPs your email with off-system keystore, **encrypts/decrypts/activates your DRMed software (as part of a vendor-provided solution)**, slices, dices, and brings crypto to the masses. Cross platform and driver-free. Just works.

Also can visit and talk to malicious websites (when you aren't looking) that use flash to turn on and off your keyboard lights (or not). But does it intelligently so you'll never know it stole your data. Great for evil governments and such to hide in usb sticks given away for free in an area of interest.

Prior art: Wang (George Mason)'s android HID keyboard trojan other HID keyboard trojans Usb cryptoprocessors Usb keyboards Usb thumb drives

- tas@yak.net


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by tas:
Also secure login to websites.

Like a smart card reader, only works on any computer, even public ones. You can always plug in a USB keyboard.

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