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W6REK: Henry "Strick" Strickland

August 2017: See my page about the W6REK/B HF Beacon for Eclipse Science

This is me in the shack at CM97ah (Santa Clara Valley):

Field Day 2020 -- "W6REK 1A SCV" in the backyard

Here's the 2020 Field Day "radio camp" in the back yard, depicted by Raye Keslensky K3SLE in Animal Crossing:

Compare to actual photos:


EchoLink W6REK-R (for N6NFI/R)

Connects to the N6NFI/R repeater (145.23 (-) PL100) near Palo Alto, California.

Running modified SvxLink software and using an Icom IC-229H 2m tranceiver (from around 1992).

Supports the 9am Talk Net, weekdays starting at 9am Pacific Time ( http://www.9amtalk.net/ ).

Former W6REK: Jim Holmes (James L. Holmes, State Assemblyman from Santa Barbara)

TODO: include pictures from here: https://loc.getarchive.net/media/congratulations-for-radio-amateurs-washington-dc-january-20-president-roosevelt

About this time [1950's], Jim Holmes (W6REK) State Assemblyman from Santa Barbara, pushed through the ham license plate bill and soon hams all over the state were sporting their calls on their cars.

( from https://www.sbarc.org/club-history/ )

( from "Lompoc Record Newspaper Archives / May 24, 1956 / Page 11 of 16" https://newspaperarchive.com/lompoc-record-may-24-1956-p-11/ )

( from "Lompoc Record Newspaper Archives / May 24, 1956 / Page 12 of 16" https://newspaperarchive.com/lompoc-record-may-24-1956-p-12/ )

( Also see the TV schedule on that page 12 for the two TV stations. They don't start broadcasting until mid-day, and one is still broadcasting a test pattern until 3pm! )

W6REK James L. Holmes, 57 Oak Rd., Santa Barbara,

( from "Full text of "Fall_1948_Radio_Amateur_Callbook" https://archive.org/stream/Fall_1948_Radio_Amateur_Callbook/Fall_1948_Radio_Amateur_Callbook_District_6_djvu.txt )

James Holmes, Santa Barbara is a candidate for the State Senate in a special election set for Feb. 13 [1962]

( from "January 17, 1962 / Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13" https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/5003678/ )

State Assembly 36th District James L. Holmes (R).

( from "November 7, 1962 / A Publisher Extra Newspaper / The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 48" https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/161603303/ )

36, James L. Holmes, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties;

( from "The Stanford Daily, Volume 137, Issue 16, 23 February 1960 " http://stanforddailyarchive.com/cgi-bin/stanford?a=d&d=stanford19600223-01.2.21 )

( from http://clerk.assembly.ca.gov/sites/clerk.assembly.ca.gov/files/ohnimus_collection/Scan0032.jpg at http://clerk.assembly.ca.gov/content/arthur-ohnimus/collection/photos )

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