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Flying Spaghetti Monster

A few of us ( GregR, Math Fred, Sidni, donald, strick ) ( see below ) drew a Flying Spaghetti Monster in chalk near the Georgia Tech Student Center & Campanile:

It got photographed and livejournaled by Graham (someone we don't know but should):


And then on Boing Boing:


The artwork was appropriated from Wikipedia's page:


Next time we want MrWerewolf (Ryan) to draw Adam, for the entire picture.

It is reported by GovtPiggy to have washed away in the rain:


Here we are, shortly before the crime, fuzzily shot with a Hiptop2 cellphone:

Fred's go board also attended the chalking.

Jun has FSMs here -> http://photos.wingless-angel.net/?cat=fsm

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