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Building PolyWorld on Linux (Fedora Core 4)

UPDATE: This is for an older version of Polyworld. Polyworld's README.txt takes precedence over data presented here.

/i ( See also Building PolyWorld on Windows (Failure?) for my attempt at windows )

Hints by strick:

PolyWorld by Larry Yaeger is available on SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/polyworld/ . The authors usually run it on Mac OSX. It took a little work to run it on Linux.

I compiled on Fedora Core 4 [gcc version 4.0.1 20050727 (Red Hat 4.0.1-5)].

First, build and install Qt4.0.1. Since FC4 already has version 3.3.4 of Qt, install it in /usr/new:

./configure --prefix=/usr/new
make install

Then you can download and build Polyworld. The file polyworld_1.0.zip does NOT have a toplevel directory named "polyworld" so you want to make one first. You also need to apply this patch file: polyworld-1.0-patch-linux1.txt

mkdir polyworld
cd polyworld
unzip ~/Desktop/polyworld_1.0.zip
patch -p1 < ~/Desktop/polyworld-1.0-patch-linux1.txt

The README says to use ./buildit but that just runs "qmake" and then "make". I prefer to run "qmake" then "make" myself. (If you make changes to Makefile, you don't want to run "qmake" again, or you clobber them; just rerun "make".)

You must add /usr/new/bin to the front of your PATH before runing the "qmake" step, so that the /usr/new version of Qt will be used.

export PATH=/usr/new/bin:$PATH
./Polyworld -geometry 250x250

When I run ./Polyworld without specifying a geometry, I get an empty black main window. Specifying a smaller geometry (like ./Polyworld -geometry 250x250 ), I get a working display.

More Hints:


Unfortunately, I just found out Menus are missing. I didn't know they were there! What I see is like this:


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