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Building PolyWorld on Windows (Failure?)

I haven't succeeded yet on Windows. (See the other page for the Linux story: Building PolyWorld on Linux (Fedora Core 4).)

Polyworld needs Qt4. Qt4 is available both Open Source and as commercial code. The Open Source code for Windows only works with the MinGW compilers.

The Open Source comes as either source, or as a compiled release. The compiled release seems incomplete; I cannot find anything usable as a "libGL.a" library. But the compiled release does offer to load MinGW for you when you install it; that is useful enough, that gdb on linux needs you to convert them to LF chars. you should do it. Then put C:/MinGW/bin in your PATH.

Now I'm trying to compile the source for Qt4. I deleted the entire 'examples' directory because the ./configure thrashed on it.

PolyWorld itself needs some things not provided in MinGW: the "rand48" functions; POSIX calls for link() and unlink(); mkdir() doesn't take second argument for mode; gettimeofday(); ... things like that.

I'll try writing my own wrappers for "rand48" functions using the weaker "rand". I comment out the code that links & unlinks files. gettimeofday() will return mock results (adds 0.1 seconds on each call).

Other random annoyances:


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