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gus Baird

William A. (gus) Baird

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  • When I was in college, Gus Baird -- a legend among Georgia Tech students -- taught us the Principle of Least Astonishment: When you're writing software and you have to provide some default action or behavior, make the action do whatever will surprise the user the least. �-- Paul Robichaux

  • An old friend of mine, Gus Baird of Georgia Tech, used to tell his students they did not need debugging tools. Programming bugs are not like termites; you put them into your code yourself. Don't do that and you will not have problems. -- Joe Celko

  • As the late gus Baird was fond of saying, "Like my old army lieutenant used to say, `Ain't nothin' simple when you're doin' it for real.'" �-- Chris Goodrum (The Technique, 17may1996)

  • "It really was the SISO rule, until the nice nellies came along and said you can't do that, it's got to be Garbage In, Garbage Out..." -- gus Baird (RIP) -- Glenn Stone <taliesin@speakeasy.org>

  • "What do you want with a debugger?! You only need a debugger if you write code with bugs in it!" William A. (gus) Baird, ICS 1401, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA ( ProfQuotes )

  • "Sit down, be quiet, listen to your elders." -- (Annie's .sig)
  • "I have no hidden faults." -- (Annie's .sig)


  • Atlanta Journal / Constitution 1993-07-26 (via Spaf via Annie)

    William A. Baird
    Ga. Tech professor

    The memorial service for William A. Baird of Lawrenceville, a professor of computer science at Georgia Tech, will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Georgia Tech Library.

    Mr. Baird, 51, died of a heart attack Friday while jogging.

    Surviving are two daughters, Alison Baird of Johnson City, Tenn., and Andrea Baird of Lawrenceville; and his mother, Jimmie Baird of Augusta.

    Funeral Notices


    Mr. William A. (Gus) Baird, age 50 of Lawrenceville, Ga., died July 24, 1993. He is survived by daughters, Alison Baird of Johnson City, Tn., Andrea Baird of Lawrenceville; mother Jimmie Baird of Augusta, Ga.; special friend, Nan Griffith of Carrollton. Mr. Baird had worked at Georgia Tech for the last 15 years and had served as a computer science professor the last 10 years. Memorial services will be held Tuesday, July 27 at 3 p.m. at the Georgia Tech Library. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the American Heart Association. The remains have been cremated. Tom M. Wages Funeral Service Inc., Lawrenceville, 963-2411.

  • from GtAlumni.org
    WILLIAM A. (GUS) BAIRD, MS ICS 80, of Atlanta on July 24, 1993. Dr. Baird, 50, had been a computer-science professor at Georgia Tech for the past 15 years, and was held in an exceptionally high regard by his students. Dr. Baird, who insisted that his first name be spelled with a lowercase "g," suffered a heart attack while jogging. He earned a bachelor's degree in math from Georgia State University. He was closely associated with the military through independent consulting work, and his first jobs were with Lockheed.


  • http://www.finaid.gatech.edu/scholarships/found_nonend.shtml#baird
    “Gus” Baird Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established in memory of “gus” Baird, a Professor in the College of Computing. Deserving students enrolled in this college are eligible for the award. Awards are made by a selection committee within the college.

  • http://gtalumni.org/StayInformed/techtopics/fall94/baird.html
    College Establishes Baird Scholarship

    The College of Computing has established a scholarship fund in memory of Dr. William A. "Gus" Baird, ICS '80.

    Baird, who died last summer, was a popular professor in the School of Information and Computer Science for 15 years.

    The College of Computing has already raised more than $2,500 toward the Baird scholarship. To make a contribution, send a check payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation to Molly Croft, College of Computing, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 30332-0280.

    The William A. "Gus" Baird Faculty Teaching Award

  • http://www.cc.gatech.edu/people/awards.html
    The William A. "Gus" Baird Faculty Teaching Award is given to a faculty member who is recognized by his or her peers and students for excellence in teaching. It is fitting that "Gus" - "the man who wanted nothing more than to teach" - be remembered each time this award is presented. "Gus" received his Master's degree from Georgia Tech in 1980 and was a favorite College of Computing undergraduate professor for nearly 15 years.
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    gus wrote...

  • Tailoring UNIX for introductory CS courses (ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, Volume 19, Issue 2 (June 1987) pp24-28, ISSN:0097-8418)
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