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Cayley-Dickson Trans-Sedenion Hyper-Complex C*ndyl*nd

This is the page for Cayley-Dickson Trans-Sedenion Hyper-Complex C*ndyl*nd.

by Henry Strickland for G4G12

Here's the Talk Notes

Here's The Solitaire Game.

PDFs You Need for the Board Game:

* The Rules (and Notes): Game-Rules-6c.pdf

* The Game Board: game-board.pdf

* The Card Deck: cards-draw-6.pdf

* Optional: The Advanced Deck: cards-draw-5.pdf


This page has some of my planning work: http://wiki.yak.net/1076

This repository has some software I used in creating it: https://github.com/strickyak/cayley_dickson

(* #sttibsday2016 *)


Bales, John W. The Eight Cayley-Dickson Doubling Products. 2016.

Baez, John C. The Octonions. 2001.

Bales, John W. A Tree for Computing the Cayley-Dickson Twist. 2009.

On Quaternions and Octonions, by Derek Alan Smith and John Horton Conway. 2003.

Just a bunch of files...

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